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Sandy MacIntyre - Recordings/ Store

This book is a definitive documentation of Cape Breton-style fiddle music. Techniques specific to the style are touched on and many sets (groups of tunes - listening tunes, dance tunes, or a combination thereof - performed in a specific order) are included. Presented are the melodies, chords, and guitar tablature. 120 pages.

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Island Treasure Vol. 1: SMCD9107 - 1988

Sandy MacIntyre, violin; Doug MacPhee, piano; John Allan Cameron, twelve string guitar; David MacIsaac, bass, flat top guitar

Produced by Sandy MacIntyre; Engineer: Harold Tsistinas; Recorded at Solar Audio Recording, Halifax, NS

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John MacFayden of Melfort March / Sandy MacIntyre's Strathspey / Sandy MacIntyre's Reel / Gravel Walk Reel    3.51
Alex MacIntyre's Jig / 'Scotty' Fitzgerald's Jig / Findlay Walker's Jig     3.05
A.G. Wilken's Favourite Strathspey / Mr. Martin's Compliments to Dr. Keith MacDonald Strathspey / JohnStephen of Chance Inn Strathspey / Alexander Thom's Hornpipe / Gillan's Reel     5.32
Toronto Waltz     2.34
The Rose of Denmark Clog / Miss Wharton Duff Hornpipe / R. Cato's Hornpipe     4.31
Niel Gow's Style Strathspey / Big Alex's Ace Reel / Nicole MacIntyre's Reel / Kay Girroir's Reel     4.31
The Shearing of the Shepard Jig / Orville on the Runway Jig / Log Birler's Jig     3.03
Excelsior Hornpipe / Old Willie Hunter Reel / Colonel Reel     3.12
Mrs. Robert Petrie Air / Robert Petrie's Reel / Jack Dobson's Reel     3.36
The Sound of Mull Reel / Major Molle's Reel / Miss C. Crawford's Reel     1.51
Captain Carswell March / Glen Grant's Strathspey / Glen Rennie's Strathspey / Sherrit's Reel / Old King's Reel     5.26

Cape Breton Fiddle Music: Steeped In Tradition, SMCD9607 - 1996

Sandy MacIntyre, fiddle; Mary MacIntyre, piano; Mickey Andrews, steel guitar, dobro; Brian MacIntyre, acoustic & electric guitar; Damien Walsh, bass

Produced by Sandy MacIntyre & Mickey Andrews; Engineer: Brian Hewson; Recorded at Escarpment Sound Studio, Acton, ON

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Anthony Murray Medley     4.25
Lament for the Death of Rev. Archie Beaton     2.43
Golden Rod Jig Set     4.12
Wild Rose of the Mountain / The Gentle Lassie Waltzes     3.37
Miss Elspeth Campbell Medley     5.25
Bee's Wing / Princess Hornpipes     3.19
The Bonnie Lass O'Bon Accord Medley     6.25
Tulloch Gorum Medley     5.17
John Roy Lyall Slow Air     2.33
The 91st at Modder River Medley     3.55
Grand Narrows Bridge Jig Set     3.11
Sitting in the Stern of a Boat / The Foggy Dew Slow Airs     3.40
The Bonfire Medley     4.06
Muldron Glen 6/8 March Medley     4.06

Let’s Have A Ceilidh with Sandy MacIntyre, Ceilidh Records – CLP-1001, circa 1974

Sandy MacIntyre – fiddle, piano, guitar

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Tulchan Lodge Strathspey / Earl Gray Strathspey / The Waverley Ball Reel
Jeanette (MacDonald) Beaton’s Jig / Princess Margaret’s Jig
Gehudi Menukon’s Welcome to Blair Castle March / Doug MacPhee’s Strathspey / Sir Reginald MacDonald Reel / Honourable Mrs. Maule Reel
Kirkmichael Plough’s Slow Air / Irish Fancy Hornpipe
The Muir O’Gillan Strathspey / Ariel Reel
Friendly Visit Clog / The Crooked Road To Dublin Reel / Lord MacDonald Reel
John Fred MacLean’s Strathspey / Mrs Forbes Reel / Sandy MacIntyre’s Reel
Peter Warner’s Jig / Donald Angus Beaton’s Jig / Buddy MacMaster’s Jig
Caledonia’s Wail for Neil Gow – Slow Air / The Sportsman’s Haunt Strathspey / High Road To Fort Augustus Reel
Inverness Gathering March / Miss Henney MacKenzie Reel
Margaret Ann Robertson’s Waltz
Canty Jean Solo Strathspey / Miss Rattray Reel / MacNabb’s Hornpipe